a) Pre-loading inspection of steel, bulk, iron ore, PKE, mineral etc.

Before arrival of the vessel, surveyors will carry out the inspection at the yard, or warehouse to inspect the condition of cargo at that point. Where the cargo involves the international regulation such as PKE and Iron Ore, samples are drawn at the yards and sent for analysis.

The parameter of analysis is depending on the type of cargo. When the cargo arrives at the wharf side before loading, the cargo again inspected. Whatever defect or damage found before loading are recorded.

b) Draft survey

Draft survey is the method to determine the weight of cargo onboard the vessel. In normal procedure, initial and final draft survey is carry out to determine the total cargo loaded or discharged.

However where it involve more than one grade of cargo, normally, intermediate draft survey is carried out to determine the weight of cargo of each parcel. The certificate of weight by draft survey is issued once the survey is completed.