P&I Survey

P&I Survey

The list of P&I survey work include but not limited to:

a) Vessel Contact / Collision

In this task, we carry out the investigation on member’s vessel including interview vessel’s master and crew to gather the fact finding on the cause lead to the incident. We also accompany the opponent surveyor when he attended onboard member’s vessel to ensure his attendance to the site of inspection only. In the course of investigation, we will carry out the without prejudice inspection onboard the opponent vessel, and to carry out the follow up inspection on the repair work ( if necessary).



b) Vessel contacted with third party object

When the vessel contacted the asset belong to the authority such as beacon, pier or buoys, it normally create stress to CLub’s member, especially when dealing with the authority. In addition with the survey / investigation work as described above , we assist our client to deal with the relevant authorities to buffer the impact, so our client have more time to focus on their business operation to meet their objective without or with less interference.

c) Injuries/Murder/Death investigation

We carry out the investigation onboard to determine the cause of death or injuries whether crew negligence, human error, etc. to protect our member in case there is any claim arising from the incident.


 d) Oil Spill / Pollution

The oil pollution is the most stressful task faced not only by the shipowners involve in the incident but also government authorities performing their duty. For government authorities, they need to make sure the party responsible for the oil pollution do their duty to clean everything back to normal; while for the ship owners, they are not only face the pressure from government but also other related claimant like hotel industry, fisherman etc. Thus, this claim must be well managed and cordinated to achieve the objective of mitigating the loss. In this task, we provide the service to carry the investigation onboard the vessel, at sea as well as at the coastline, villages etc. to determine the cause and extent of oil spill.

We also provide our expertise to deal with the authorities to mitigate the loss or any potential claims.

Sample picture of the oil pollution at Kampung Sg Musuh, Johore. The pollution was due to vessel grounded on the rocky seabed.









Sample Picture of case Oil Spill at Pengerang Johor


e) Bulk Oil/Grain Damage/Contamination

Whenever there is the discrepancy either quantity or quality of the cargo, our surveyor task is carry out the investigation of the cause of the dispute/discrepancy . When necessary, samples are drawn (one foot, middle, top, running, manifold or composite samples etc) which will be sent to independent lab for analysis.

Sample of picture shown the case required marine surveyor to investigate View of containers collaped of stowed when enroute from Northport to West Port ,Port Klang Malaysia